Sample Pictures
I did this one for a friend. It is hanging
behind his bar. Its about 24 inches
I did this one for the ATV shop
that we got our 4 wheelers from.
Also something that we love to
do. We also belong to the
Monroe Prairie ATV club.
I did this sign for a guy that I met at deer camp. As it
turns out he is the author of the poem. So that makes
it a one of a kind. The poem reads.

God grant that I may live to fish
until my dying day;
And when my final cast is made and my
life has slipped away;
I pray that God's great landing net
will catch me in its sweep;
And God in his mercy will judge me
big enough to keep!!
By Mike Dimmel
This one speaks for itself.
This sign was done for the
camp we stay at in Canada.