Here are samples of signs that we have done in the past.
This sign we did for our friends at Rockler. This is their logo
carved in pine. This is a sample with a log edge. It is 9
inches wide and 36 inches long.
Sample Pictures
This one is our logo, carved in ash.
More pictures
This one is a family crest. We
did this one for a lady I work
with.  Carved in ash. It
measures 11 inches wide and
22 inches tall.
This one is a logo we did
for a local horse stable.
Two sided and hangs out
in front. Carved in ash. It
measures 24 inches wide
and 34 inches tall.
We did this sign for a archery shop in Wisconsin Rapids.  
This is the place to go if you need anything for your bow
hunting needs. It is carved in red oak and is 9 inches wide
and about 36 inches long. It is also a logo done from a
business card.
As you can see this one is a
address sign. It is mounted on
a stick and is in front of the
home. It is carved in pine and
is about 14 inches wide and
about 22 inches tall.
This one we did for the
computer shop that builds our
computers and give us good
tech support. It is carved in
ash and is about 12 inches
wide and is about 20 inches
We did this sign for a friend in
Wisconsin.  The design came from a
medallion that was on the front of his
car. It is about 36 inches tall and 48
inches long. Carved in white pine.